Dear God,
The Boston Red Sox have had your help
At the plate and on the mound
Just because they cannot see you
Doesn't mean you're not around

Give every pitcher on this team
The things that are essential
You know exactly what they need
To pitch to their full potential

Timing, mechanics, speed and location
mixed with great amounts of illusion
Will surely cause the opposing batters
To miss with some confusion

Now as far as hitting goes
They have runs to generate
Which means they need some balls to hit
When they step up to the plate

It doesn't matter how they get on base
What does is that they score
If they reach the ninth without enough
you'll give them plenty more

In other words, if they came up short
giving their best intention
I'm sure those guys would appreciate
A little divine intervention

The bottom line is they're on a mission
Which begins the end of September
So let them win it all this year
In a way that they'll remember

Keep those bats on fire
And let the pitchers throw like rockets
By the end they'll have those Yankees
Stuffed in their back pockets

Right now the Sox are in First place
And when all is said and done
I know with every game they play
They'll remain at Number One.