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Dec 15, 02:13 PM

I have recently decided to redesign my web page. I have always had what I called a “blog” section and I was (and still am) using Textpattern to do it all. Prior to the beginning of this month (Dec ’10), I never really used the “blog” feature of my web site.

Then I got to looking at what Textpattern is, what it can do, and how it can do it. Boy, have I opened up a can of worms for myself (I say that and mean, I have some learning to do — CMS, CSS, XHTML, XML, oh my!).

Textpattern Solution Without the book “Textpattern Solutions” by Potts, Sable, and Smith (with Fredborg and Lindley), I would have never been able to get started, let alone, keep going. The text takes you through every step of the process, all the way from downloading the needed software, setting up the programs and permissions, thru explaining each and every bit of the interface, right up to some advanced features.

I bought my copy from Amazon, I’m sure it is available at many other locations.


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