New Web Server

Dec 11, 07:21 PM

I finally realized it. Even though I’ve known it was coming ever since I got the Nikon D90 (lots of pictures getting saved to the server) and the size of the hard drives was getting smaller and smaller….

I'm giving her all she's got Captain!!I put all the RAM I could in the 8 year old Dell Dimension, just like Scotty used to tell Captain Kirk all the time — “I’m giving her all she’s got Captain, she can’t take no more!” Even with all I could put in the ol’ girl, she could only take 2 GB of RAM. Enough to keep her going, but far from what she needed.

As far as hard drive space, well, every USB port and every IDE channel was taken up. No room left at all to do anything, space-wise. There were symlinks upon symlinks keeping the file system all in one piece.

Ever since I really discovered Ubuntu a few months ago, I’ve been mulling this change over in my mind. Ubuntu has got it’s act together and I think this new machine will do just fine for me. 8 GB or RAM and a dual core processor, so the new machine is running the 64 bit version of the latest release 10.10. I initially wanted to go with the Server version of 10.10, but it was a real pain in the ass – I ended up loading the desktop version and I stripped a few things out of it. I’ll strip some more as the days go by.

Most of the links on this site are up and running again, but there is still some work to be done.


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