You know, the Red Sox (owners) Own a Football Club

Dec 6, 02:48 PM

Liverpool Logo Since I found out that John Henry and the rest of the owners purchased a Football Club (otherwise known as a soccer team to us Americans), I’ve developed a bit of an interest.

Last summer it was, I believe, the owners of New England Sport Ventures purchased Liverpool FC. I’ve been trying to follow them this fall and winter so far. Only thing is, football is quite a boring sport – it is a bit like watching paint dry. I’m hoping that, by having a team to “root” for, the sport will get a little more interesting as time goes on.

Of course, since I’m a Sox fan, ever since I started watching the game, it seems that Liverpool has lost most every time. They are winning today, 3 – 0 – let’s hope they can keep it up. Wonder what the equivalent of a 9th inning choke would be in football? More importantly though – I wonder what Premier League team is the equivalent of the New York Yankmees?

I’ll have to figure out how this league works, for example, how many games in a season (do they even have “seasons”?), how do the playoffs work, etc, etc, and etc.

If you want to help root for the Red Sox home Football team, you can find their website here – Liverpool FC.


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