My Web Log

Dec 10, 08:26 AM

This is the new site. The following paragraphs are provided again for informational purposes.

Expect all the links on the left to disappear in the next few days/weeks. As you may have noticed, some of the links on the left frame have already been removed. Once I get everything moved over to the new format, the entire left frame (the pretty blue boxes) will be gone forever!

Really looking at replacing my website with this format — we’ll see how it goes. Everything you were used to seeing with the links on the left are now over there on the right hand side. The links just to the left of this text will lead you to some articles, thoughts, or just general ramblings that I have written.

On this web site (is it a Blog? – Really not sold on that “term” yet), you’ll find photos that I’ve taken (or found elsewhere and wanted to share), beer info and recipes (I’ve been a homebrewer since 1978), motorcycle stuff (I ride [and love] a Triumph Bonneville), used to have a huge interest in bicycling (none of that has been moved over to this Blog, and besides, Mario Cipollini retired years ago), and of course – the Boston Redsox.

I found the software that runs this new section after I did a little (very little) searching on Google for some blogging software and found this – TextPattern. It seems to be pretty good and I am going to use to track all kinds of stuff for me….




Let me know what you think of the new format....