Removing Air Injection on a Bonnie

Jul 11, 09:25 PM

(photos have been removed – email if you need help)

There is a kit available with the parts you need. I however put together my own kit as it was much cheaper.

Please note that this is the first time I have ever modified a motorcycle. I have no prior mechanics skills. So its not hard!

This is what I used:

- 2 oil pan drain plugs for a Nissan Bluebird, part number 11128-01M05 (12 mm 1.25), 3$ each

- 1 bolt, M8 × 16mm

- 1 plastic cap from my bicycle bar end

This is how it is done:
1. Remove the Seat
2. Disconnect the battey
3. Remove the tank
4.Remove the rubber hoses between the chrome air injection tubes and the reed valve (red).

You need to loosen the spring clips (yellow)

5. Remove the large rubber hose that runs from the top of the airbox to the reed valve. Plug the hole in the airbox.


-I used a bar end plug that I got from my bicycle. It was a bit long so I sawed of the end.

(I did not use any silicone to seal the plug. Perhaps you should?)


- Once the plug is in place


6. Remove the thin (ribbed) vacuum line that runs from the reed valve to one of the carburator manifold vacuum ports. Leave rubber end in.


- Since I didnt have a rubber cap (like the ones that cover the other 3 vacuum ports) I left the rubber at the end and put a screw in it. I used a M8 × 16 mm but I guess any screw that fits tightly would work.


7. Now remove the vacuum operated reed valve. It is mounted with 2×10 mm bolts (red arrows).


8. Yank off the black pipes that sits on the air injection tubes


9. Use a 13 mm wrench to remove the air injection tubes.

Save the copper washers on each tube!


10. Now plug the holes for the air injection tubes with the Nissan oil pan plugs. Use the copper washers that you saved.


Here I ran in to a bit of trouble. The Nissan oil plugs were a bit wide so I had to grind them down just a little. I think they where 12 mm to start with. I grinded them down to about 10.


- then they fit perfectly!

ai 13.jpg

11. Now all you have to do is reconnect the battery, put the tank and the seat back. And you are done!




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