Feb 18, 03:18 PM

Went Cowboy Shooting this morning…. 1st time out with the replacement firing pin in the Henry. No test firing since the repair. So, I was slightly worried about that.

1st stage, clean shoot!
2nd stage, clean shoot!
3rd stage, clean shoot! I’m noting that I am shooting well this morning. The check of the sights on the Henry a few weeks ago (when the firing ping broke) is paying off.
4th stage – if I’m going to mess up, do it now so Murphy doesn’t do it for me on the last stage, but nope, clean!
5th stage – last stage. I have to go first on this stage and the targets are set up like I have never seen before, a new “sweep”, if you will. Guess what?


That is something I had set for a goal, to shoot clean. Make sure I am hitting what I am aiming for. Today, I did that. You know what else I did? I took a good 100 seconds off of my time. Up to now, my times have been absolutely terrible. I mean, TERRIBLE!! My time today, though it would not have won any competition, it was a respectable 272.25 seconds

Clean —- very pleased….


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