oops! Kind of messed up a few things.

Dec 27, 07:47 AM

My website is configured a certain way that does not quite conform to the manner prescribed by Textpattern, but it works.

Last night, I was reading up on moving everything so that my website will conform to the exact standard prescribed by Textpattern – basically, have everything in the root of the directory versus the way I do it, which is everything in a sub-directory (originally, my website was designed in a different manner and what you see now for my website was really a sub-directory).

Well, things did not go so well and for a brief period last night, I was sweating some bullets at a good rate. I completely hosed everything. I do not know why, I think I may have overwritten some configuration files accidently, thus preventing the site from displaying properly.

Luckily, I had (almost) a good backup. Almost, as in, it was a few weeks old. About the only thing I did not have in backup was some picture files. Therefore, you will see a few blank spots on some articles. Not to worry, you won’t be missing much by not having the photo.

I’ll try to be more careful.